Monday, November 16, 2009 | By: janet

About Me

I'm about as complex as the insides of a cpu. Although I'd love to offer up the opinion that hormones and all things girl define my intricacies, I have a feeling my husband would prefer to just say it's a result of such traits including stubborn. And that's about where I'd gently, but abruptly, interject by cutting him off mid-word before he could nonchalantly add any further adjectives that may taint your fabulous opinion of me.

Many things define who I am. Alot of bad. Just as much good. And plenty more grace than I deserve. Little things also define me. I am a shopaholic, but never buy for myself. I am left handed and therefore need to be sat in certain places depending on what the occasion is. I can be described as perfectly petite, though my heels will never lead you to believe such nonsense.

Sure there's more to it than just those too. Titles and taglines that will define who I am.

I AM...
a wife to my husband of twelve years who is methodical, makes his words count and can be hard to read sometimes. My children and I like to refer to him as Gibbs (from NCIS). Though we'd never intentionally do it to his face, yet I think we have. (Yes, he does enjoy *tapping* us on the back of our heads, but you didn't hear that from me!) He has been known to tell me he'd be rich but lonely without me.

I AM...
a mother to my oldest Ziva. My mini-me. God bless my oldest child. She is vivid- extremely vivid in personality. True to her television character, from her first days of speaking she has repeatedly confused phrases and words. She may be brilliant, but she is my blonde scientist.

also a mother to my baby, but soon to be middle child is Abby. A child who is through and through her father. At times I've been caught trying to toss in the prefix "G" because her mouth does not understand how to relax and silence apparently sends her into panic 'let's talk 5x faster' mode. But she is my well loved full of life, bubbly and extroverted child who happens to be three years younger than Ziva, but taller than her.

But experiences, descriptive traits, titles and taglines will only provide half the story. I'd like to think the other half of who I am reside in my passions, deep thinking, yet quirky and probably A.D.D. self.



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Abby is my favorite NCIS character ever.