Tuesday, November 24, 2009 | By: janet

All Is Going Swell

Ya know, as in s.w.e.l.l.i.n.g. Sheesh! And yes for those counting, I have just now turned 24 weeks. Last month at 20 weeks, as Gibbs reminded me yesterday, a different doctor in the practice just glanced at my swelling and commented "already?".

Although my appointment was at 10:45 am, the pitting edema/swelling was already showing it's elephantitis wrath. I'll spare you the gory details of the blood that was running down my calves from the scabs that were opening. Yes, even I was taken aback from that.

Unfortunately there's not much I can do but to continue laying on my left, drink more water (as if that's humanly possible), eat natural diuretic foods (celery, garlic, artichokes, etc.), watch sodium levels, do not remove my shoes while visiting or traveling because as he put it "it's highly likely they will not go back on", and um, well... just deal with it.

Which is all fine and dandy until you take into account the painful swelling is not only in my legs and ankles, but my hands and face. I fear here soon I will become a sista to the Pillsbury Doughboy. Or maybe the Stay Puft Marshmallow Girl would be more like it?

Regardless I was fine until it really started showing in my face- even the miracles of blush isn't camouflaging my artistic attempts to falsely create cheekbones. And to think I always thought the guys with the airbrushed 6-pack of abs were a bit well, hysterically vain. Okay so maybe I'm more vain than I ever imagined. But hello? My WHOLE body is changing... can't my face at least stay within its normal shape? Not to mention I'm not even in the 3rd trimester yet!!!

Otherwise all is going well, and the baby is growing strong! Blood pressure is still high for me- 124/68, but within normal limits per medical standards. At this time even with the swelling, due to lack of protein in my urine there is no current fear of pre/eclampsia.

Despite the edema, my weight gain was actually quite reasonable!! Naturally, as a reward, I came home and bought me some delish chocolate covered cherries. Normally I wouldn't have eaten the whole box because I'm all about not falling into the trap of "eating for two", but Gibbs has been whining that he's gaining weight because of me. As the self sacrifcing and loving wife I felt it was my duty to view it like I was sparing him another pound or two.

The funny thing is I'm thinking he may have said he's now dieting. I believe my selective hearing tuned out the minute details, but some kind of rubbish regarding the grocery bill and him "compensating". Whatever that is suppose to mean.

Regardless, Happy Thanksgiving! Travel safe and count your many blessings! And here's to another 5 pound weight gain just from the sodium intake on that day alone!



Amydeanne said...

I've still got endema after my last baby 2 years ago, so I soooo know that swelling!!
Hope you had a good one!

lizcooper.wordpress.com said...

I'm so sorry you're having such swelling!!! Naturally diruetic foods? He means the ones that you simply don't want to eat when you're pregnant and the thought of them makes you want to vomit, right? I'm so glad to hear that you and baby are still healthy and that your blood pressure is under control. (My doctor would think I was dead if I had that low a blood pressure ;-)

I love your new blog!

Ronnica said...

Oh, fun body changes...can't wait! Hope it's gotten better!

Heather said...

Wow! I hope everything stays okay! All that swelling sounds terrible!