Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | By: janet


...much to the dismay of my obnoxious and stern willing of growing boy parts. But we simply won't go there, nor will I remind those of just how much I absolutely, positively detest and despise the color pink. Though I am thankful to absolutely know since the last sono left things iffy. Hopefully we will finally be able to narrow down some names; wish us luck!

The good news is I am coming to you live from my couch, and not the hospital bed they wanted me in. I am not on bed rest, but I am not to do anything either due to my blood pressure readings. That means no cleaning, exercising, excitement, etc until my next appointment rapidly scheduled for Monday. Lovely. Simply lovely given it's Christmas week. And no we won't recall my request to Gibbs to please let's not just this one year host his family on Christmas Day, because... you know... he totally ignored my plea. But that's a whole different story for another day.

Because I was able to get out of a hospital admission, I was left to the horrors of additional tubes of blood drawn today- above and beyond the 1 hour glucose testing. My current diagnosis is NOS mild pre-eclampsia. They are trying to rule that out. If indeed it is ruled out, which could very well happen due to the lack of protein in my urine, the likely diagnosis will be: pregnancy induced hypertension. Which totally has the makings of a comical irony coming from someone with a history of low/extremely low blood pressure.

The fun and better news is we had our 3D/4D sonogram today! Little Miss Thang is active- *ahem* as if I, and we, were not already aware of this. She also has chipmunk cheeks, was highly uncooperative just as she was during the 20 week sono, and continues to enjoy her arm hovering near/at her head.

Without further ado here she, girl number three, is!

From what we can see here, she looks just like Ziva.

Here you can see her ear and hand on her face.

Finally here, she is found in her frequent sonogram pose- which is identical to Ziva's mannerisms too.  You can see her ear, elbow and knee to her chest.


6p00e39333bf688834 said...

Wow, the ultrasound pictures are amazing!!!!

Amydeanne said...

awww beautiful! I shall live vicariously through you.. i wish I was preggo again!

Heather said...

Those are amazing! All I ever got were the fuzzy gray ultrasounds. Hope your next appt. reveals all is safe and well for you and baby. And hey, let the in laws clean the dishes and make dinner. you enjoy a nice cup of decaf and relax!

Ronnica said...

At this point, I think willing her to grow boy parts would cause more problems than it would solve!