Friday, December 4, 2009 | By: janet

Pre-Ceremonial Induction

Apparently Abby’s apprehensions and visions of being the middle child have been on her mind lately. Periodically she’ll reference this. Of course it’s always out of nowhere.

Recently on a Saturday we were all out running errands preparing for the baby. Gibbs and I were looking at bedding, cribs, strollers and creating a gift registry. It just so happens Abby was sick that day. And being the hormonally pregnant and merciless mother that I am, I opted to tell her to sit in the back—all the way in the back like the third row of seating back, so her germ infested breathing was not on the back of my “I’m pregnant and cannot get sick” neck.

Oh puhlease she willingly sat back there! In fact I think she truly enjoyed having the spacious, entire row to herself.

As (not so much our) luck would have it, the third row seats require someone to fold down the middle row seats in order to enter and exit the vehicle through the passenger door. Thankfully Gibbs opted to play Mr. Doorbell.

Ready to embrace and peruse the isles of Toys ‘R Us, which plays host to the Babies ‘R Us, we park and hop out of the vehicle. I was so excited to really linger and examine our options I could not wait to get in the store. With everyone out I remotely lock the doors and we start heading for the entrance.

About 10’-12’ into the walk Gibbs abruptly stops and says “wait a minute”. Imagine my surprise when he announces we forgot someone—Abby. Yep, no one let her out of the very back. I locked the doors when I thought everyone was out. And we all walked away completely unaware.

Hardcore belly laughter filled the parking lot as we raced back to her. And as if the event itself was not enough here are Abby’s words from when she not so promptly exited the vehicle:
I really am the middle child! You forgot about me already!



Heather said...

Poor Abby! My Emma is definitely a middle child - her little sister came 19 months after her! And she acts like one, too!

Heather said...

By the way, I think your label, shabby parenting, is funny since it has Abby's name in it and this whole post was about her!

Amydeanne said...

oh middle children have lots of fun! Mine is a belly of laughs! Thanks for sharing! :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Very least you didn't make it clear into the store! One of my friends left her new baby at the restaurant! Wooops!

Warm blessings,

Lettera said...

Felicidades !!