Friday, January 29, 2010 | By: janet

OB News & Sonogram Appointment

Yesterday afternoon for giggles and fun we did verify She Number Three still is a she. And yes, she is- undoubtedly so!! lol Still no name yet. I guess you could say we are entertaining a few, but really it's no cruel joke or secret, we truly remain at a standstill on the issue!

The sono went astoundingly well! Little Miss Thang has skyrocketed into the 44th percentile! Such terrific news!!!! This may or may not explain my insatiably ravenous appetite that I failed to mention and inquire about. I'm sure in light of this stretch marks may begin finally make their appearance, so buy and trade your stock into that Palmer's pregnancy oil and lotion stuff!

The placenta is showing no signs of calcifying, nor are the amnio fluids decreasing- all common occurrences associated with hypertension. She was moving around nicely, and Dr. R was very pleased that all of us could visibly see her practicing breathing! Her head is quite low, her back/spine curved right around my lower-mid belly and her feet (in)conveniently located right at the ribs. Have I mentioned none of this is really news to me- especially the head and feet???

The meds continue to keep my pressures stabilized. I know some of you just want to laugh with me at that statement!

Thank God! Isn't all of that wonderful news?!?!?! I thought so....


...while taking measurements he uttered under his breath her head was big. Um hello? Call me crazy, but I have a very sneaky suspicion that is just NOT something you want to mention to an expecting mother. In particular one who has a history of fast and furious labors. Don't think I hesitated to tell him I "didn't need to hear that" because oh.yes.I.did! He inquired about the girls and we explained the damage to myself and Abby. Is too late to opt for a c-section?

Other than that tidbit of info that I seriously didn't need to hear, all really is going splendidly!

At my next appointment I am scheduled for a fetal non-stress test just to verify She Number Three is happy and doing well. Lucky for me Dr. R happens to be the one there that day! I also mentioned those extremely intense Braxton Hicks I've been having. Currently, due to my gestational weeks, he is not worried, but I am to keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of actual/real labor.

In the meantime, despite the growing pains, heartburn and all of those "fun" pregnancy related things I really am going to try to just enjoy these final weeks of sleep, time with my favorite and beloved man, ease of jumping in the car and going wherever whenever, etc. It's definitely bittersweet though because Gibbs and I are just so thrilled and cannot wait until she's here!


3 comments: said...

Finally! I was wondering where you were! I'm so glad to hear all is well and that you and Baby Girl are healthy (despite her big head). I don't know why doctors say that. All babies have big heads to me. I mean really, they can't even reach the tops of their heads until they're like 2. Anyway, I hope everything continues to go well (and that we hear back from you again sooner this time) :-)

Heather said...

Janet, that is wonderful news! So thrilled! When is your due date? Enjoy these last few quiet moments, because that is exactly what they are, the last few!

The Church Lady said...

So glad to hear from you Janet and that all is going well with your pregnancy. That is a huge relief!! I'm sure you are counting down the days until your baby girl arrives. Keep us posted.