Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | By: janet

Gearing Up For RoboMom Appointment

Sleep has been eluding me. Heartburn has been attacking me. Unfortunately for Dr. R. on Thursday I will be seen in his office with a laundry list of questions. Beginning with is he sure my belly can handle She Number Three gaining another pound because I’m really feeling like it’s going to bottom out any minute now… to I recently read on the OBs website that IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) is the leading cause of fetal mortality, aside from premature birth, because the infant cannot handle the stress of labor.

Hardly ever do I enter the office with a question or concern. But as we near D Day I want to be fully informed and ready. Especially since they are highly encouraging me to consider the option of induction. Which, by the way, I did read for IUGR babies induction is almost always the course of action for labor. Though for me personally I am not an advocate of being induced, I feel it is worthy of consideration if complications can arise such as in this case.

The real problem remains that we were so excited with the sonogram and results, and knowing IUGR can be reversed, I’m not sure She Number Three is still diagnosed with it. Neither Gibbs nor myself recall if Dr. R. stated my blood pressures meds helped her become fully reversed or not.

I’m skeptical though as Thursday is her fetal non-stress test—a test commonly performed with IUGR babies. During my appointment I will become RoboMom hooked up to a machine for 30 minutes while they evaluate her heart rate and activity levels.

Thankfully peace continues to reign over me. One of the ladies in my women’s group commented on how gracefully I was taking all of it. Really I am. I have my moments—far and few in-between. I mean who reads the two pink lines, gets excited and then wants, wishes or desires for complications to arise?

My only hope for Thursday is the snow we are suppose to be hammered with does not delay my appointment. (Have I mentioned we already have record and state of emergency declaring 20”-30”+ presently on the ground?) But most of all I just want the results to be accurate. If She Number Three is happy incubating, then I want the results to reflect that. If she is not thriving or not handling incubating well, then I want accurate resulting detailing that. I’m not picky for the outcome—just the accuracy.

So thirty minutes sounds exciting don’t you think? I mean lounging around with my Beluga Belly exposed doing nothing but watching the results. For just a mere thirty minutes. Given her size and my lack of size, according to others—not me, maybe Beluga isn’t the most appropriate word.

Do I bring my laptop? Play on Face Book with my phone? Read a magazine? Text Gibbs nonstop since I am the one telling him he’d be bored to tears and should skip this appointment? Or shall I bring one of my baby name books?


These Nine Acres said...

Good luck. I hope things are reversing even if you are taking the difficulties gracefully. Peacefulness is the best thing for the baby, regardless.

I vote for the magazine. ;0)

Oh, and we have 30 inches and are awaiting the next wollop.

lizcooper said...

My vote's for the laptop :-)

We just had like 6 inches and after a few days I was going nuts to get rid of it. I can't imagine 20 or 30!!! I hope everything reverses and that you and baby stay healthy!

Heather said...

Blog while it is happening! Just kidding! Hope the test goes well and reveals a healthy little she!