Thursday, February 11, 2010 | By: janet

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Nothing like having an hour+ appointment because She Number Three decided to be inactive. Inactive as in after being buzzed several times- gotta love "through the belly shocks" (no they really did not shock her but it sure felt like it!) and having to chug some nasty juice during the 40+ minute fetal non-stress test in hopes to get her moving. The juice may not have been too bad except for the fact my mouth was tainted minty from chewing gum.

At that point Dr. R. asked about her recent activity. When I informed him it had decreased he opted to stop the test and perform... another sono! (Truly are we breaking sono records or what!?!?!) This time he didn't give me a picture though. I assume it's because he possibly didn't feel a lovely pic with a cord wrapped around her neck was baby book worthy. I might have to agree. So far there's just one loop around her neck which he feels explains her decreased movement. Due to her inactivity the tightness of the cord is unknown.

Let's just say he's pushing really hard now for me to highly consider picking a date to be induced. I'm sure I don't need to reiterate my displeasure over the idea of an induction. But for obvious reasons I fully want a very controlled labor and delivery situation unlike Ziva's borderline mess because they had no idea I would progress as quickly as I did and well, Abby's just absolute chaos. lol

So next week at my appointment when they will do another non-stress test (which hopefully that one will help reveal the tightness of the cord) and check my cervix for dilation and ripening. A decision will then be made as to how to proceed. In the event I still choose to not be induced they have already determined they will not allow me to remain pregnant beyond my due date.

Otherwise everything is running right on track- the restless nights, heartburn, pressure, swelling, etc. And I guess between this week and weekend I better at least work on getting a suitcase packed and purchasing some needed items because sporting things like Gibbs' flannel Baltimore Ravens pj bottoms with his tshirts might be frowned upon.



These Nine Acres said...

Ach! That sounds scary. Glad you are taking it all in stride. My daughter was born with 2 loops around her neck and she was fine, thank goodness.

The Raven's sweatpants sound perfect to me ;0)

The Church Lady said...

By the tone of your writing, you do seem to be taking all of this very well. Geez, You have my heart rate up! I can't help but feel on pins and needles for you! Pleeeaase keep us posted on the progress!

Amydeanne said...

I think with my last baby I had 5 non-stress tests, plus was diabetic, so I chugged those yucky orange drinks at least once a month! nastyyyyyyyyyy lol.

Heather said...

I hope everything is okay - and I like flannel pj bottoms (and I'll even forgive that they are Ravens, seeing the point of pregnancy that you are in!) Take care of yourself and that little gal inside! said...

I see nothing wrong with wearing hubby's pj bottoms and t shirts to have a baby! YOU'RE the one that needs to feel comfortable :-) I so hope everything keeps going well despite the cord being wrapped around baby's neck. Inductions really stink, but if it's what's best for you and baby, I hope that's what happens!

Take care!