Monday, March 8, 2010 | By: janet


This week Gattina at Writer’s Cramp wants to know how we handle our household grocery shopping.

With only one source of income I actually do try to be aware and be conscious of our grocery shopping bill. Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology I first go online and review our three closest grocery stores sale ads.

The winning store is determined by who has the most of what I need on sale. Occasionally if the sale is enticing, for instance laundry detergent for $5.99, I will go to a store specifically for those items. I have slacked a lot on utilizing clipped and e-coupons. (Did you know at Safeway you can load coupons onto your Safeway Card Member Card?)  I do need to get back into the habit of coupons because it truly can help offset some serious costs if you are faithful and acquire a nice stockpile.

If I had it my way I would take the time to purchase specific items at certain stores. For instance, I prefer the produce section of Safeway, the meat section of Acme, Walmart and/or Target for sundry items and Food Lion for snacks. Sometimes I feel this would really cut our grocery bill, but I can’t justify the time and travel needed to be traveling to various stores for specific products when they aren't exactly local to one another.

I do prefer to grocery shop once a week and don’t mind the quick errand to purchase additional items if needed. Though pricier, I love the convenience of Acme’s self checkout—especially if I’m running in for a quick item or two!



These Nine Acres said...

Ach! Since I live in the boodocks, I only really have 2 choices for grocery shopping...Wal Mart and the local grocery store. I have to plan on what they have on sale and use what limited coupons I have.

Gattina said...

Finally I do exactly the same. I am also looking for good prices I don't see the reason why I should spend more in one shop when I can get it cheaper in another, having money or not !
I know Safeway from London, but in Brussels we don't have it.

Heather said...

My Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Dominick's (a Safeway store) all a stone's throw from one another, so I often go to two, sometimes all three in a shopping trip. It takes longer, but I like getting the good deals. i too have favorites for my produce, household goods, etc. (And of course they aren't the same store!)

mamarehema said...

wish we had safeway, we have food lion though. I want to see how this monthly way will go. I think I will spend less than buying weekly just because I cannot resist buying what I did not go in to buy

The Church Lady said...

I didn't play FM today. I usually shop weekly too. And mostly at Super Walmart where I can get my food and non-food items at the same time. Ocassionally I will shop at Giant. I don't use coupons as much anymore, but I should.

wendishness said...

I've had to do the same on a single income and check the bargains before heading out.

Faye said...

Our Sunday newspaper has great coupons but I don't utilize them. You do something that I need to learn to do--the self check out. Would make putting the groceries away when we get them home so much easier. It sounds like you have a lot of options to chose from but some stores offer better choices.

BTW, I'm hosting Fun Monday on March 15. Stop by my place late Wednesday to sign up and get the assignment.

Like your blog template.

Sayre said...

Last summer, we were really broke. I put a lot of thought into shopping and saving money and eating what was in our pantry. I managed to get our grocery bill down quite a lot by just not buying stuff we didn't really need. I have slacked off in that, but some of those habits are still with me. Our grocery bill still hasn't gone up to where it was before, but I do need to start again - summer's coming (that's our dry time for money!).

Jan n Jer said...

I mostly go to Walmart but sometimes go to our local Market for meats and produce...Walmart lacks in that department. When you mentioned the Acme store it was like a blast from the past...that is where my Mom did all the grocery shopping when I was a kid. I thought they were all gone.