Thursday, March 11, 2010 | By: janet

Janet... The Mass Offender

It’s inevitable. In less than two weeks someone is going to be offended. Actually it will be a few “someone’s” who are going to be offended and upset with my actions and choice.

There are the immediate neighbors… pseudo-grandparents… who are expecting an “I’m in labor” phone call to watch the girls or take me to the hospital.

Then there’s the other two neighbors- one on each end of the street. Both whom are expecting the exact same call.

Of course there’s a nurse a few streets down who just so happens to work at the hospital and would love to get the phone call. I think secretly she is itching for my history of precipitous labors to continue its merry way so she has delivery bragging rights.

Another good friend who lives roughly 5 minutes away and has expressed discontent at times because she feels she’s the last to know anything and apparently wants the info firsthand, and first and foremost, at all times.

Those are just a few of the immediate vicinity ones.  Do you by chance happen to see a trend here? I haven’t brought in the politics of family hierarchy. Gibbs’ family that is.


Daily I am bombarded with random email or text messages from everyone reminding me to let them know “right away” when it’s time so they can help me.

Double ugh.

Part of me is not ready to offend all these people. Another part of me says to secretly schedule the induction the doctors so badly desire and just go to the hospital without telling anyone! lol


Amydeanne said...

oh yeah! my mom was ticked when we didn't phone asap! lol.. they gotta remember it's not about them.. too bad they don't actually remember that!

The Church Lady said...

You need to have a "phone chain" ready where all you have to do is inform one person and then that person will call everyone else with the good news! You will be in no shape or form to be "chatting" on the phone!

The Church Lady said...

BTW, the Wednesday meme is usually "Wordless Wednesday" where you simply post a photo and no words. I like to call it "Whisper Wednesday" and post a photo with a quote. said...

Well for the most part it seems that their intentions are good! And they're nosy...which I can relate because I'm nosy too ;-) So take heart in knowing that they want to help!

I always try to remember that it's better to put a clamp on my tongue than to burn a bridge, so I personally would schedule the induction and not tell anyone until afterward! Then wait until people ask what they can do.You'll have help that you need instead of a bunch of people bombarding you in ways that aren't helpful!