Thursday, May 13, 2010 | By: janet

A Lesson In Allegiances

While out to dinner at our beloved Chick-Fil-A, Abby recently brought a personal problem to her daddy’s attention.  This was big.  It was a boy problem and she was seeking Gibbs’ approval or course of action.  It went a little like this:
Abby: Daddy I think there’s a problem with the boy I like.
Gibbs: What is that?
Abby: He’s a Steelers fan.

I’m rather certain there is no larger kissing cousins rival in the NFL than the Baltimore Ravens versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.  So as you can imagine, this struck a chord with Gibbs.  Oh definitely myself too, but this was Abby bringing her woe to Gibbs’ attention—not mine.  It was his turn to navigate tween drama ridden terrain.  And boy did he!

…insert a momentary pause….

Gibbs: Well Abby I think you have two options here…
Abby: Really?  I do?
Gibbs: Yes.  You can either forget about him… or you will need to convert him.



Ronnica said...

I've never heard of that rivalry (sorry!), but I know that pressure. The guy I like likes an orange team...definitely not cool! Though seeing as that's not going anywhere, I suppose there's no harm...

The Church Lady said...

Oh, I love Gibbs reasoning there!

lizcooper said...

SO cute! I can't wait to hear my husband's reactions to "dilemmas" such as these when our girls get older!

Amydeanne said...

lol too funny.

hugs. How's it going these days? I hope baby isn't keeping you up all night!