Tuesday, August 31, 2010 | By: janet

In Other Words Tuesday

“Because I am loved by God, I can confess my flaws – laziness, grouchiness, self-doubt- and trust God to keep on 
transforming me. I no longer need toappear perfect 
to friends, family, and anyone who attends my 
high-school reunion.”

~ Jan Johnson ~

I will never be an elegant ‘all legs’ kinda woman—even with the highest heels possible.

Despite all the creams, lotions and injections possible I will never maintain a wrinkle-free face.

More than likely I will, at some point, …gasp… find a gray hair.

My waistline will probably increase as I age even though society continues to come up with the latest and always greatest fad diets and diet pills.

(let’s skip the dirty word aka cellulite)

Even with coffee to combat the continued interrupted sleep my moods can still vary.

My cleaning skills, nor my vacuum, will never be able to keep up with the shedding of a Golden Retriever.

Thank God I am not asked or required to be perfect in order to be loved. In fact He only asks that I love Him first and foremost. That I pursue Him. That I humble myself before Him and think of others above me—not beside me, not below me.

I am never going to have the perfect family. Not even the perfect house. Or car. Or hair color. Or waist size.

Thank you God for caring about the real me—seeing me for who I am transitioning into, and releasing me from the superficial pettiness that grips what others think I should or shouldn’t be.

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Tami Boesiger said...

Uh oh. You got my jealousy brewing. You don't have any gray hairs?!

I too thank God for loving us BECAUSE of our flaws and using them for His glory. He is good.

Glad to see you joining us today!

The Church Lady said...

Great post, Janet! God is good.

lizcooper said...

I love this, and I needed this! Thank you!